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Artistic Antiques did an amazing job with our 2 Miami Beach estate and demolition sale. Tina and Kenny are a great team and do whatever it takes to complete the sale in a very organized manner. From start to finish , they made the process painless and quick. They have a lot of patience and we’re always very knowledgeable. We definitely feel we went with the right company and highly recommend to others .
June 2022
I engaged the services of Artistic Antiques Estate Sales after reviewing past client reviews . It was the BEST decision I ever made. Tina and Kenny immediately took control. The Team cleaned and staged 70 yrs of inherited family possessions plus my collection of furniture, art , collectibles, artifacts and jewerly. Sales were conducted by appointment followed by an open house sale which resulted in a total sell out of the entire contents. Little did I know that my family and myself had collected so many valuable pieces. I was literally shocked each day when Tina told me of the total amount of the daily sales . I was paid out as promised within 48 hrs with all itemized receipts provided.
I would highly recommend any family requiring such services.
Eternally Grateful,

Bonnie Olson
June 2022
I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with Artistic Antiques Estate Sales to sell the contents of my parents Bal Harbor apartment . Tina and Kenny were so professional and reliable. They made a difficult situation a pleasurable experience.
Glennie Mandel
May 2022
I was very happy that I chose Artistic Antiques for my estate sale. Tina and Kenny were kind, helpful and very professional during a very difficult time. They both went out of their way to help me with a few things that were above and beyond the estate sale. They treated me as a friend, not just a client. Their compassion and reassurance put me at ease and took a huge burden off my shoulders. Their integrity and honesty made me comfortable leaving everything in the very capable hands. I would highly recommend Tina and Kenny for all your estate needs....
April 2022
Artistic Antiques turns estate sales into a form of cultural archaeology that makes a difficult job easy, fun, professional-and most profitable.
If you want the best-it’s time to call Tina & Ken.
Robert M.
March 2022
Your dedication to what you do and your wealth of knowledge certainly led to the success of our estate sale. Thanks to you and Kenny for all your assistance in making it all run so seemlessly.
You truly were not only a pleasure to work with but really flexible working with us too.
Tina your extensive list of followers afforded us the luxury of conducting the estate sale by appointment only during these trying times of COVID yet we were still very successful.
Many thanks
Karen Serure
October 2021
The loss of a loved one is difficult and to lose a beloved suddenly and without warning compounds the grief with an almost crushing sense that one will be unable to properly manage all things left unsettled. The responsibility of handling a loved one’s property can be entirely overwhelming, especially when you live hours away from the property. Artistic Antiques was referred to my proxy and upon first meeting, Tina and Kenny, made an impression that they were knowledgeable and capable of managing the liquidation of a lifetime of eclectic collectibles, art, furniture, tools, music, electronics, memorabilia, yard art, etc. etc. They maintained excellent communication, consulted when necessary and respected the imposed boundaries; they appropriately managed soliciting buyers for specialty items; properly staffed the sales; provided an accounting and delivered payments as represented. They handled the unexpected (i.e. frozen air conditioner, door coming off its frame, prepping for bad weather) properly and with care. The amount of inventory my loved one amassed over his lifetime was extensive and while I was very satisfied with the outcome of the initial sale, there still remained much to liquidate. After a brief pause, I rehired Artistic Antiques for a second weekend sale. In order to ultimately achieve my desire to clear the property of all its contents, Artistic Antiques solicited “bulk buyers” and negotiated the best possible outcome. The property was swept clean (they sent me photos) and it was absolutely jaw dropping! I feel that hiring Artistic Antiques was a blessing during a very difficult time. This was the right team! They handled a huge responsibility with integrity, sensitivity and professionalism. I have no regrets, recommend them without reservation and maintain immense and sincere gratitude.

Countless Blessings
September 2021
Estate sale experts. Tina was presented with a very difficult situation which she managed beautifully.
Carl Fazio
July 2021
Assisted our family when our Mother passed. Very professional, and empathic. Sold a lot of our furniture for good money. I would highly recommend.
Robert Mandel
June 2021
Tina and Kenny are truly the best people I've come across in a long time that handle estate sales and getting you top dollar for your belongings. I had a house filled with items, stuff I didn't think could remotely get anything for, and Tina and Kenny have a buyer for everything. They plan with you far in advance and make the whole process calm and easy. It's a stressful time for anyone downsizing and I felt at ease the entire time. Tina has been doing this for so long, that she has buyers that have worked with her for so many years along with an email following for her sales that is impressive. I've been to many estate sales in the past and Tina's are by far the most organized and best! So happy I used their services, couldn't be any happier.
Lauren Turchin
May 2021
We can't thank Tina enough for the outstanding job she did helping us empty the home we lived in for over 40 years.

The week before the sale, she separated our treasures from the worthless junk we had accumulated. She photographed everything and displayed it all both in place and spread out on tables.
During the sale days, all buyers observed Covid precautions, and only a few people were in the house at any one time. When the sale was finished, she arranged for a charity to come two days later to pick up the unsold items. She came back to supervise them and made sure that the house was left in perfect order.

She raised far more than we expected, and found homes for the special things we collected over the years. We can't recommend her highly enough.

The Rasken Family
January 2021
 Hi Tina.

Richard and I want to thank you and Ken for making the estate sale so successful during these VERY challenging times. You were both so knowledgeable and super professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Debbie C
August 2020
Dear Tina and Kenny,
What can I say? This has to have been the most craziest move for all of us.
I cannot thank you both enough for all that you have done for us. We sold our house and couldn't get to Florida to clear it out. You took on the job and literally tagged everything with me virtually. You handled every detail down to the last piece of paper and the clean up. Your professionalism and knowledge are beyond wonderful. You made this process so painless for us. You took care of every detail. That included arranging sales, five separate moves and clean up. You supervised everything. Your services are invaluable. There is no way we could have gotten this done without you two. We are beyond grateful that we found you. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you for everything.
Stay safe,
June 2020
Tina to the rescue! We had the good fortune to sell our 20 year old family vacation home in Miami just before the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Living far away, we were not able to travel and remove the contents before the closing. Our needs were many. We had to ship the items we wanted to keep to our main residence, sell the remaining artwork and valuables and be ready to close in a matter of weeks. We were referred to Tina by a friend, who with her team made the seemingly impossible - possible! Using photos, texts and emails she arranged to have the items we wanted to keep shipped to us. Due to the “stay at home” mandate she was not able to advertise and conduct her usual sale, but instead used her vast array of connections to sell the remaining contents. She and Kenny then went above and beyond their usual services and cleaned up the entire apartment so we would pass inspection and close, as scheduled. They made it happen for us; as I am certain they have done for every client fortunate enough to work with them. Thank you Artistic Antiques – Miami!
April 2020
My mother passed and I was tasked with dealing with the contents of her condo. Having no experience with such matters, I was referred to Tina at Artistic Antiques Estate Sales and Liquidations. She was very friendly, patient, accessible and professional throughout the process, and clearly had broad knowledge of the market. She and Kenny quickly assessed the challenge and took command of the task. Within a few days thereafter, they organized a staging of the contents and posted pictures on the company’s website. Each day Tina sent me a detailed list of the items sold and the price for each. Within two weeks the entire process was completed and I received a check from her. Tina did exactly what she promised and was simply wonderful to work with. I would not hesitate to refer Artistic Antiques Estate Sales and Liquidations to anyone with a similar need.
Dennis Ponn
March 2020
Tina- Just a quick message to say thanks for all of your hard work in getting so much of my mom’s stuff sold. You were a Wonder Woman as the home was in quite a bit of disarray when you took this opportunity on. You staged, organized, priced and held on-line and physical sales culminating in delivering a check from the proceeds. You made it seem easy although I know it was not. You were easy and a pleasure to work with. Grateful thanks to you and Ken.
October 2019
Tina and Kenny at Artistic Antiques were a great help to us at a very difficult time in our lives – we had recently suffered the loss off two close relatives within days of one another. Beyond just the emotional toll this took on us, we suddenly had two households worth of possessions to go through. We really had no clue what to do. Then our realtor, a family friend who had dealt with Tina in the past, recommended her company to us. And we are so glad that he did. Tina was endlessly caring and helpful as she guided us through the estate sale process. Doing an estate sale for one person can feel daunting, let alone two people, but Tina and Kenny made us feel better as soon as they showed up at the house. They took a literal mountain of random possessions and had them organized and ready to sell amazingly quickly. And we ended up getting much more for everything than we ever thought we would. Everything felt very above board throughout the sale process – Tina was on constant communication with us, kept very detailed receipts, and sent out our checks promptly. The whole process was a tremendous load off of our minds. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.
Matty K
August 2019
I was appointed as personal representative of an estate in Coconut Grove. The deceased had a very eclectic collection of art, rugs, antiques, wine, liquor and furniture and fixtures. After careful consideration and interviewing other companies and reviewing comments from past clients, I decided that Artistic Antiques of Miami was the best estate sale company to use.

Tina Hunsinger and Ken Quiney worked so hard to stage the house in preparation for the estate sale. You would have thought that the house was being staged to sell (which it is now). They cleaned, vacuumed, sorted and arranged everything in a most attractive manner.

The sale was a great success with. The best part is that three days after the sale, the estate received a check in full payment of the sale. They also arranged for a charitable organization to remove all unsold items and leave the house empty and in clean condition.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism and effort that Tina and Ken put forth in making this task painless and profitable for the heirs. I would highly recommend them for any estate sale needs.
Victor L
May 2019
Title: Tina and her team are the best!

Within three weeks, we had to sell everything and leave the house completely empty, which Tina did!

Tina has a great network of buyers and that is what makes the difference. Thanks Tina and Kenny!
MC de B
August 2018
Working with Tina Hunsinger from Artistic Antiques Estate Sales and Liquidations was One of the best decisions my brother and I made after our mother passed away. We found Tina to be extremely knowledgeable when it came to all the furniture artwork clothing jewelry literally everything in my mothers house. She communicates extremely well totally trustworthy and left our house immaculate. She helped us every step of the way. Thank you
Ken and Marc
September 2018
I've always looked to work with people who are passionate about what they do in life. Most important, they must be passionate about their work. Tina Hunsinger combines passion, boundless energy and a keen eye for what will sell in the work she does. She took from the piles of rare collectibles, family heirlooms, art and sculpture in my parent's Coconut Grove house, and staged it like a museum of Haitian, American mid century modern, Italian and African Art. People who had been in and out of that house prior to the sale were amazed by her sense of interior design. She had staged the objects, painting, furniture and sculpture, to get people involved with the experience of being in our house. And it worked ! Over two days we made $5000 more than projected.
Karen B.
June 2017
No one could ask for a more professional, knowledgeable and caring person to handle their Estate Sale. Tina and Kenny took care of EVERYTHING from start to finish. Tina, from the bottom of my heart I appreciate your efforts in making my life easier. I feel I have made friend and I thank you.
Debbie Hoffman
January 2018
Finding Tina was a godsend. She was not only professional and knowledgeable but she did everything to insure my apartment was ‘sold out’ on time and with no stress on me. You will not be disappointed if you choose Tina and her crew to help you liquidate. She handled everything — she knew how to fairly price, which of her buyers to call, worked her magic to get items sold and helped the buyers get their good delivered at an excellent price. I would highly recommend Artistic Antiques to all my friends.
Janice C
May 2017
I have had the pleasure of working with Tina and her company, Artistic Antiques Estate Sales and Liquidation, in a recent, somewhat complicated, estate sale. She and her Team did a phenomenal job. I would highly recommend their services.
April 2017
I would like to commend Artistic Antiques Estate Sales and Liquidations for assisting me in liquidating a 60 year lifetime collection in my condominium. Tina and her team made it extremely easy and painless for me to have to deal with the task at hand. They started by cleaning, reorganizing and redesigning the entire apartment to display everything picture perfect. Tina created very enticing advertisements, emailed and personally called her client list which basically sold out the entire contents. Tina kept very detailed records of each days sale's activity and presented me with a copy of each receipt attached to an inventory sheet. I was pleasantly surprised when she paid me out immediately, even prior to all the checks clearing. I was so impressed with her company and the job performed; that I presented her with a bonus check to express my sincere gratitude. I would highly recommend anyone to engage their services if you want the job to get done; and with complete integrity and professionalism.
Rene M.
January 2017
Tina and team were a pleasure to work with. They were punctual, professional and knowledgeable about every item I presented to them. Tina assisted me in making decisions regarding what to keep and what to let go of, which I needed, because the job was overwhelming. Tina delivered as promised and I wouldn't hesitate to call her if I ever needed estate services in the future.
Bunny Hedrick
October 2016
We want to thank Tina and her associates (Kenny and Robbie) for helping our family through a very difficult and intimidating process...emptying our families house of over 50 years of memories and contents.

She and her team were honest and worked extremely hard throughout the planning, cleaning, and organizing part leading up to the Estate sale even though the conditions were not easy (No A/C). During the actual sale, she and her team were extremely professional from advertising to keeping itemized and daily reports of all sales made.

The idea of an estate sale is not a comfortable process in general, but Tina made it easier to handle and deal with. She was upfront, positive and always there to answer any and all questions.

We appreciate everything she and her team did for our family even following the sale to help make sure any loose ends were tied up.

We highly recommend her and her team.
March 2016
My interaction with Artistic Antiques has been a great experience. The team has great pride in what they do. Their knowledge of the items and how they do the research to price everything is quite amazing. They really do get "Top Dollar" for your items! Overall I rate them an A+ and would recommend them without hesitation. Thank you for all your help.
January 2016