How to select the right Estate Sales Liquidator for your specific needs in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale  or Palm Beach.  Interview multiple companies prior to signing a contract even if referred to you. The referee may have an  underlying interest which you may not be aware of. So do your homework in the following ways:

1. Meet with multiple Estate Sales and Liquidation companies.

2. Make sure that if the Estate Sales Company states that they are licensed appraisers, ask to see the license in person. Most estate liquidators are not licensed appraisers.

3. Does the Estate Liquidator have access to all the latest technology in evaluating your possessions. Ask how they research your items? Ask to see the pricing.

4. Does the Estate Sales Liquidator spend at least 1 hour in understanding your needs and  reviewing your assets during your initial meet and greet.

5. Has the Estate liquidator been in the antique business prior to the liquidation business, thus acquiring  invaluable knowledge in the industry. Ask the question.

6. Do you allow the Estate Liquidator to purchase the pieces  prior to or during the sale. This is a huge warning sign if this is allowed. The item was most probably not priced according to fair market value allowing the liquidator to double profit with your assets. Ask the question prior to hiring the  Estate Liquidator. Do they allow their staff to purchase your items.

7. Does the Estate Liquidator give you a daily accounting of all sales and funds collected. There should be no secrets and all sales should be logged. Ask the Question.

8. Most importantly, do you feel comfortable with the company your are selecting. Ask to meet with the staff that will be working your sale. You should feel great with the people who are going to be working in your home.  

These are a few tips in selecting the right company and the most competent Estate Sales and Liquidation Company. Should you have any additional questions, please contact Artistic Antiques Estate Sales and Liquidations.